A strange side blog, and it’s not even my idea.

This blog exists because…

I have no idea actually why I have agreed in setting it up.


Maybe it does only because I’m kind enough to give my dearest friends Margherita and Serena a space to keep talking about my former favorite band, which is now one of the reasons I get more frustrated about.

The title of the blog actually suggest I hope the state of Fuckery – the reason why I can’t claim I like anymore M5 or Adam Levine (read:_ NBC tv show, tv shows in general… whatever appears to me to be bad service to art, and awful service to a frajile ego) will end someday.

That day, I hope, I will feel comfortable enough in thinking /listening /cheering at people I used to adore and worship as the most devoted fan.

Right now they and especially him make me sick and therefore…

I can’t really care let alone write in my blog about them (HIM).

But my dear friends think they have more stomach than me so they asked me a web space to try to do what I used to: give updates about the guys and the main fella in the band that defined all of our past 8 music years.

I provide the space.

But just that.

Don’t expect my videos or anything.

If there will be videos, there will be NOT my work, but theirs, a work of Marghe and Sere.

Monthly posts expected.

But I’ll be just a host.

And a host completely not interested, to be frank.

The day my former favorite singer will stop be a sellout, and he will get back to real art, I will be happy to get back as well to my former love and admire.

Right now I can’t, cos I like art, not puppets on stupid idiot tv shows for has-beens, patronizing future never-beens.

Let’s hope though that in the end those who wander are not really lost, right?

I try to stay optimistic, but I cannot fake feelings and I cannot fake opinions.

To Miss Zaira Scotti, Maroon 5 on tv for the reason they are going to be on tv for ARE A SHAME and a disservice to music and art.

I have no positive feelings towards them until they won’t get back from their misery into their art.

So this is not my space now because it’s their space, and I don’t have respect for them anymore, as they are now.

Bye Bye.

Kindergarten of Maroon5 related world opens when Marghe and Sere will like it to.

If some of you care, enjoy.

Without me for sure.


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