Maroon 5 facts – March 2011 – I

Written by: Marghe&Sere

In this blog post we will try to bring you some news about Maroon 5 listed in chronological order.

Adam Levine

Please don’t expect the style of writing you were used to whenever Zaira was uploading pieces of news in her blog because neither of us can be as creative as our unique Miss Z.

We are going to try to use her method of linking many Twitter posts as we write though  – she said it’s the best way to keep the writing short, and she must know?

We are using this limited space to just try to fill the gap until The Voice stops airing or preparing, so that she will feel again ready to cherish on Maroon 5 and Adam Levine (our Lady Z. can be very stubborn and harsh on her principles, and she truly felt so let down by Adam ditching touring for being in a reality show… but she has promised a small Maroon-related update these days of birthdays, and then a very beautiful version of Stutter, that we will link as well hopefully soon from her YouTube Page).

Anyway, let’s start with the updates and  we leap off with a linkage of a couple of videos that you will like.

The first one is the recently released Sara Bareilles’ video for Uncharted.

Jesse and Adam star along a very huge number of other musicians, so we are sure you will like what you see:

After this video, we post some more videos from Maroon 5 page, included the one of Hands All Over that Zaira never linked in her pages (because she hates it):

Video for the announcement about the interrupted European tour:

The tour beside it has already been re-scheduled for November /December dates (in Italy now we have THREE dates and not just one, as joining Milan in December are also Rome and Padova).

Rescheduled Maroon 5 dates

Maroon 5 have also posted a new webisode of their performed actual European leg, which ended already, but developed mostly in UK:

While Maroon5 were in Amsterdam, instead, you know Adam tatted himself with a “I Love Mum” tattoo on his arm, opposite to his beautiful tiger tattoo, and he was inked by one of the greatest tattoo artists in the world.

Maroon 5 in Amsterdam Videos (Feb 2011) : click and jump

Maroon 5 in Amsterdam Videos (Feb 2011) : click and jump

The month of March started with Maroon5 moving towards Paris, and also offering a song to charity for a very important cause (read this article from the Huffington Post about it, thank you) .

Another charitable initiative is this one (again, just click and read from Maroon5 Blog directly, thank you).

In Paris, on their free day, the band (well, Adam more than “the band”) was joined by his girlfriend Anne V, who was meant to be in town for Paris Fashion week, and who had left Los Angeles after taking a stand during Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

The two very much in love drove around town as soon as she arrived in Paris, because she had to attend various fittings and castings, but then lately in the day they had ways to relax and enjoy their own off-time.

They also ate a lot – Adam doesn’t like model who starves, as he tweeted – and it seems that Adam’s look was taken as not very bound to Fashion Week later that night.

Serena and I are extremely jealous of Anne, still, especially when she tweets things that clearly describe the way she and Adam share the most valuable time as one, but we have to admit in all these months she has grown on us a lot. We are not in awe of her like for instance Zaira is and always was, but now we think she is a great girlfriend for Adam… We do.

She is in synch with many if not every one of Adam’s crew people, and loved back by all of them from what we get to know openly.

That is cute.

And it’s likely to keep Adam quite happy.

In Paris Adam wore again this sweater (from a picture that surfaced of him holding hands with Anne before the performance):

Fashion Face Off Beckham vs Levine

The show in Paris the day after has been (in the words of a very pissed off Zaira, who was there and not really easy to conquer, since her disappointment for the ruined rest of her touring March) “absolutely fantastic”.

Adam has also started to tweet a lot more since his open acceptance of the judging role on The Voice, so we had chances more to understand how he was feeling also before that gig.

And after.

Anne also had a very private and beautiful view of the Casino De Paris stage:

Anne V saw this

After gig Adam tried to best his fashion range, but we don’t think it worked (do you?):

Adam Levine cow-boy style in Paris

And these are James and Mickey, as well post gig:

James Valentine and Mickey Madden. And a dog.

If you want to see more pictures from the Paris gig, please go to this Flickr page and surf happily.

After Paris, Maroon5 moved out of France for a date more in Cologne, and again Adam felt some urge to write.

This is some kind of explanation or apology, we guess:

Message from Adam Levine

Some new activity to keep the band going that is not linked to The Voice show is incoming for Maroon5 no matter the postponed tour.

The most notable is the outsourcing experiment the band will experience along Coca Cola Company:

Click and jump on the page, thank you

Other appearances will include a guest spot on the cooking show “Top Chef”, which new season starts in the USA on April 6th.

If you belong to Maroon 5 S.I.N. Club (and we do), sign to win Adam’s Grammy Pass through this competition.

Maroon5 flew back to California after Cologne, when Anne stayed in Paris for attending a fashion show for Isabel Marant among other duties.

It seems that Adam and the band are recording or at least pre-recording some new material.

Adam said it’s jazz-oriented and it sounds promising.

Or it could also be that Adam’s a very huge egomaniac, as he noted himself.

From Savannah Buffet

Adam shared with a publishing source dedicated to food some steak recipe.

We are Italians and not impressed, but other people might find this that he wrote tasty?

Probably his girlfriend finds his skills at cooking fine enough though: and we guess she probably likes anything he tries anyway.

Sunday Dinner with Adam Levine

Anne flew “home” in Los Angeles as soon as her working duties in Europe allowed her to, and she is spending still time aside her man (paint both Serena and Margherita sighing. Margherita slightly less, because her husband might mind a little bit).

Anne and Adam shared as well International Women’s Day and it was funny the way Adam had – or seemed to have – a very kindred and useful approach to honoring the event, that was later on quite remarked a bit from Anne herself (we will admit she is kind of funny, too).

Anne V for VS Pink 2011

Anne V 12 march '11

Anne not only shares happily Adam’s patterns of life; she doesn’t merely enjoy his circle of friends, which is now hers; she does not limit herself in liking sushi just as much as he does, or Italian food, or French wine; she also seems to totally share as well Adam’s love for yoga… for sweetsand for animated movies.

Up is one of the best movies lately made so it’s not like we can make fun of neither Adam nor Anne for having spent a night watching it.

These past days Adam and Anne enjoyed themselves in the spare times.

For instance on Saturday it was time for some Universal Studios checking up in Los Angeles area.

Now that had sure to be fun.

And pretty… sweet again.

On Sunday instead, after a night spent playing the pool, the Harleys took place in and it became time for a long ride on the Pacific Coast Highway, one of the most beautiful roads in the whole world, full of breathtaking sightseeing.

The last week Adam has been using his time to get ready for his coaching job for The Voice.

The show will probably be available for streaming online as the majority of NBC shows are.

This means not only Americans will be allowed to watch.

Adam has done press, shot promos, and shot photo sessions, and just these days he has started tape the actual show previews.

The Voice Taping is running now

This is why he had to postpone Maroon 5 gigs so no surprises.

About his mentoring role, he had multiple things to say over twitter, and most of them were quite enjoyable (this if you are not somebody very lateral about the fact he will do that show, of course).

The judges of The Voice - via Perez Hilton

This was then the mail we received as SIN members, with the complete schedule of the new leg of the tour in November /December:

SIN Newsroom March 2011

Actually it has to be highlighted that the Cairo gig that even this page reports as running, has been in fact POSTPONED, as you can read from Maroon 5 Blog:

Cairo gig postponed too

Let’s hope it’s not a trend.

Also because for instance the Japanese situation casts a shadow on incoming trips.

Japanese tragedy has hit all of the boys, especially Jesse (who was in Hawaii when the after wave of trembling undersea forces reached the Islands), and of course also Adam, Anne and the whole of the band.

Adam also tweeted in disgust about that stupid student of UCLA who ranted against poor Japanese people dying for the tsunami (people can be very stupid, indeed).

More touring dates (in USA) are these two:

Ravinia Festival 2011

And a very special Hollywood Bowl performance along Train (wow?):

Maroon 5 and Train Hollywood Bowl

James Valentine in the time being has been enjoying mixing JJAMZ’s record (cool stuff), and then he has taken advantage of the Indian Wells tournament, being the tennis enthusiast we know about.

Are we the only ones though who found his note about Maria Sharapova’s a bit… awkward, given the time she was with Adam?

Adam Levine and Anne V - Lakers game 14 March 2011

Oh, well, it’s their link and business anyway?

We never found Maria the right girl for Adam.

And speaking about Russians…

In a handful of hours, we know it will be Adam’s 32nd birthday (on March 18th); the day after, on March 19th, Anne will turn 25.

The two are probably going to get celebrated again together as they were last year (along Aristotle Circa, Adam’s pal and stylist), and by then Adam will have to accept that he’s fully “thirthy-something”.

We wonder if they will be attending again the Lakers game on the 18th of March, as they did on March 14th to see Los Angeles Lakers prevail onto the Orlando Magic; again they seemed pretty picture perfect and completely happy as the Kiss Cam wandered on them.

They are surely as cute as a button together.

We can’t deny evidence.

On March 17th Adam is slated to attend Clinton’s Benefit soirée for his Charity Foundation: Anne must be here along, we have no doubts (check this Billboard News about the upcoming event).

We have decided to end our first major upload on this blog ( it took us hours, and we wondered how Zaira could do this repeatedly and covering NOT ONLY the band’s stuff?!??) with a very nice plus.

Glee has done a cover of Misery, and it’s worth of a listen, although no, nothing comes close as Adam’s singing:

Written by: Marghe&Sere

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