Maroon 5 facts: Summer 2011 – V

Written by Marghe&Sere

Hi there everyone! This is our June plus July plus August plus September update and it will consist of The Voice Episodes, plus more appearances in video of Adam and the guys and some quick recap of their busy Summer months from tweets and blog/paper posts.

We won’t cover what they are about to be part of, namely the Rock in Rio October 1st bill along Coldplay (we are dead envious of Zaira for being RIGHT NOW there! Bitch! We love you though).

Moves Like Jagger Chart Domination

Sorry if we made you wait much, but we kept going back and forth with re-editing of this, waiting for Zaira to create an upload video page for us, attending her marriage in Japan, having our holidays… and this is the only way we did find to eventually put all updates up.

It’s definitely a lot of work to keep up a blog the way Zaira used to and we’ve realized we will never be as good so we will just try to let you have the most important things out of the past Summer months, without attempting any fancy commentary no more (besides those surviving out of our 120000 scratches and work-in-progress versions of this composite post…).

We honestly have no idea how she was able to do it all, especially since her life is always so busy (but she’s not our idol for anything, is she?).

You know by now how  TWO songs that have appeared these months, that have both Adam and/or Maroon 5 involved.

The Summer of 2011 has undoubtedly been a Maroon 5 one.

Maroon 5 had (and still have by September ends) the WORLDWIDE hit of Season with the multiplatinum smashing Moves Like Jagger, a song that has set year-to-date records (in Canada is the record song of the year, just to say one of them) and Adam has found some amazing  further success as a co-writer and guest feature on another huge hit song, Gym Class Heroes‘ return with Stereo Hearts.

It has been a surprisingly massive chart ride everywhere.

Expected by these figures?

Probably not, as the band itself confesses.

Although in so many ways, MLJ isn’t at all their best song, it will end being their most successful, beside maybe This Love (which appeared when singles got certified in different ways than the current, but which was the MOST successful song overall and worldwide in 2004, and for a well good chunk of 2005 too, let’s not forget past achievements).

If you wonder what Sir Mick Jagger thinks of the song, he actually approved of it straight and later on he also confessed at London Times that he LOVES the song, and wanted the band members to be featured MORE in it (since at the start the video included way more footage of only Mick Jagger).

Mick and Rolling Stones have had Maroon5 on their mega tour in 2007 and they LOVE Christina Aguilera so much they tributed her; no strange then Jagger is so well poned over such a cool tribute song to him.

That being said, Moves Like Jagger is a smash, and so is also Stereo Hearts, which is enjoying a pretty fine ride on its own.

Check both videos, and enjoy music:

See Adam and Jesse speak about their Summer achievements in this special Billboard page/feature, and as September ends, read about their amazing sales achievements (Moves Like Jagger is already their song with most weeks at number 1, and soon it’s gonna pass Makes Me Wonder also in total sales):

Click and jump to news page and the video

There are also other things that involve Adam and/or Maroon 5, as The Cab singer Alexander DeLeon tweeted that they have ALREADY recorded with him.

The result is the crispy and sexual “Animal“, a song that has written “Adam Levine’s lyrics” all over it:

While we’re at, we recently found this cute Youtube video that details very well the amazing perfection of Adam’s great voice, and we share it because so many times Adam doesn’t get the recognition he should for being a truly astonishing vocalist:

He’s SO great!!!!!!!!

And also SO cute… for further evidence about that, check the outtakes (with lovely Jesse&James too) of Sara Bareilles’ “Uncharted” video:

But these songs are like last in line out of a NUMBER of videos and appearances out of the past months, that you can fully watch also here:

THE STORAGE PAGE set by Zaira for us.

So please, sit down and enjoy these links : The Voice Episode 7, First Live Show (Team Blake and Team Christina, but again we easily think Adam did steal the show):

Click over the image and get redirected to the full episode, thank you

Great show, great people.

Before the subsequent episode, on June 13th, Adam graced The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: click down here and watch the episode (Adam starts being on around minute 30) because there is some very funny footage of him making a fool of himself on “Closet Star” when he was a kid:

Please click on the image to be redirected to the full video. Thank you.

We sense the comedy that Adam and Jason Sudeikis could provide for a SNL episode.

This is a little collage of Adam’s images from the show (AP images):

Credit : Associated Press

Anyway, let’s go into what you mostly want to see. So, this is the 8th Episode of The Voice: highlight of it being Javier Colon’s flawless performance (and also Vicci Martinez‘s) and watching Adam’s house on the Hollywood Hills:

click over to watch the episode

The groups performances were also really nice: Adam chose the Beatles for his team, while Cee-Lo‘s one performed a well known song by Maroon 5’s fans (Everyday People, that our guys covered).

The insight from THR about the episode are very nice, so click HERE to read them, thank you very much.

There is also this other report from behind scenes from EW which is a bit different (but this was the site that bashed so hard the first episode of The Voice even before watching it fully, so…). Some people are very critical of the way The Voice is shaped (here, for instance, USA Today slams the coaches for stealing lights off contestants… but others, like Rolling Stone or Hollywood life, see exactly that as the plus of the show, and we agree with them).

The show is really a fresh thing.

Then there is this from current printed Hollywood Reporter (Christina makes three times as the others? And… why?): Christina shouldn’t earn so disparagingly compared to the other three, especially considering she hadn’t to backplan from sold out tours to be on The Voice. The huge paycheck difference might (rightly in our eyes) well bother her coworkers: in fact NY Post ran rapidly a story the day after that news broke about how Adam would be especially pissed about it all, and how he held a sort of alliance with Blake against Christina. The thing is… Adam’s people denied this but Christina’s didn’t.

Adam had already referred (also on Leno, as you saw) about his bickering with the pint-sized blonde diva as “brother-sisterly ones”… but could he really be saying any differently?

Anyway, Adam, Maroon 5 and Christina have collaborated on what is actually a smash hit song, Moves Like Jagger, which has reached the peak of Digital downloads in many Countries, included USA, as soon as it was out even before it got seriously promoted: we guess hate won’t ever be what will inform Christina and Adam’s feelings towards one another ever, at this point.

Adam denied the feud with Christina also at Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Brown party (you will see it later). This is instead Adam on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday 20th June, and this is part 2 as well  (click on the words and jump to the YouTube pages of the videos, thank you).

And this instead is the 9th Episode of THE VOICE, where we could see Adam finally wearing a suit again (tweeted proudly by Anne V., who has quietly come back in Los Angeles after her New York move for work, giving the full sense at Adam’s tweet earlier that day that Tuesday was his best day of the year so far – it couldn’t have been fully without her at his side we imagine):

Please click over to watch the full episode. Thank you.

So Adam pick Casey Weston over Jeff Jenkins.

We’re not really down with that choice, but in the end we did think the finalist is going to be Javier anyway (amazing version of Coldplay’s Fix You he sang! And we agreed with Adam saying “this song is so important for so many people, show respect by following it well”).

Adam did well with Maroon 5 and Christina on the live version of Moves Like Jagger, but he attired lots of online hatred by overreacting Adam Lambert (former American Idol runner up) fans when he confessed to compliment Nakia he didn’t know the song What Do You Want From Me, but that he was sure he’d sung it better than the original singer.

Hollywood Reporter issue

Adam could have avoided that (but he said it also to Jeff Jenkins something like that regarding Rascal Flatt’s audition song) part of “I think you sang it better”, but on the other side, he clearly never followed singing reality shows before being part of one, and there is lot he isn’t familiar with about radio tunes (he always said it so it should surprise no one? Not everybody is a tv junkie… and he is busy living rather than spent time following the flower of the month? He knows those who are good enough: Coldplay, REM, Radiohead… Adam Lambert is just a guy – with a great voice indeed – out of a reality show who sold some records but never even comparably with nothing Maroon 5 sold all over the world in ten years? Exactly. Adam wanted just to compliment Nakia… those “Glambert” fans have their heads up in the sky if they REALLY think their totem is all that famous that ANYBODY should know about him. In Italy for instance NOBODY has even the faintest idea on who he is, because Idol never airs here. Get over it. All that offending and offended answers were way out of the top. He just said he was not familiar with either the song or the singer, and complimented Nakia for his performance, he never said the original singer was bad?).

Anyway, it all bowled out of proportions, as you will see.

Here is the place for videos strictly related to tv shows. This is the one for the first ever recap show of The Voice (episode 10).

Please click on the image and get to a page full of links to download the whole episode free of charge: We are sorry to not being able to upload here the video.

By now we hope all of our links will still work when you guys will click on them. This is THE FINAL episode (though not the very last one).

We LOVED all the efforts by contestants and coaches, our heart was with Javier all way through, but we immediately thought Dia might get the final win as soon as we watched all Country dudes standing up for her.

Country sells in USA. It’s a fact. Dia wouldn’t be a bad winner, but based on THE voice, Javier must win instead.

Anyway, this is the episode:

click over the image to get redirected to the video. Thank you.

We love Stich By Stich so much.

But what stole our hearts was the rendition Javier and Adam did together on Micheal Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”.

That was amazing.

We didn’t really think that the opening number by the coaches was that strong instead.

They probably could have worked on merging voices more with different phrasing, because the final cut seemed rushed a bit.

Probably they were all too invested in sharing duties with their own protegees rather than mashing with one another this day.

Then the day came of the FINAL RESULT OF THE VOICE, Season 1.

From Anne V's twitpic in Adam's dressing room the sneak peak at his dapper mise for The Voice finals

We will let all the pictures from red carpet later (Anne was there with Adam’s mum, you can see them hugging as the winner was announced, right beside Javier’s family), but we totally want you to watch the episode because Adam was so emotional and overwhelmed (he wrote it too) that to not love him there is impossible.

It was also cute because it was the day of the live performance of MLJ and when it later went directly to iTunes number one, (as Adam did promise to Christina) all Maroon 5 camp went nuts over it, especially Anne.

The strong selling determined an amazing debut at number 8 on Billboard Hot Chart already as soon as the song came on sale.

And Javier duet with the impossibly talented Stevie Nicks?

From another galaxy.

Please, click over and get redirected to final episode of the Voice

Javier deserved but I think both him and Adam feared Blake’s Dia would have won (as we did), just based on the iTunes chart (only the performance of the original song was counting, so the fact Adam and Javier’s duet was also one of the top sellers wasn’t enough to drive the prediction towards Colon… but we’re glad the final voting proves us wrong also because, if you did not notice, Dia Frampton follows everyone BUT ADAM out of the voice – this well after the show has wrapped up and we write this down – present and past contestants, coaches, media room people…).

SHE FOLLOWS EVERYONE BUT ADAM and that is unclassy, uncool and plain stupid, not to mention she acts like she was never on a stage and instead she had a band for AGES and a recording contract too.

Little Miss Fake Framps? Anyway, we do love Blake too much to dislike Dia, but we definitely are happy she lost after we found out her disrespect for Adam.

Adam was the winner as much as Javier for us:

We loved the way Adam and Blake hugged also one another more than once at the very end… these two together are by far the icy on The Voice cake: so genuine and on the same wave, they must have a show on their own alone.

And yes, at the end out of all the party for the wrapping up of The Voice there were certainties about all the four judges to be back for Season 2.

This season was quite in rush, and probably some of the elapsing weren’t planned and were forced by the show unexpected success, but we look forward to see a more calmly approached Season 2 and get to know new contestant better than we did with this first crop of singers.

Well, and then we hope to see more of the coaches (especially Adam of course, and Blake) as well caught on camera.


Out of the party there are a lot of little interviews, where Javier and Adam and STEVIE NICKS (yes!) talk about incoming collaborations (Adam does have a voice similar to Don Henley, Stevie is right!).

There are also two videos that those interested in Adam + Anne will find cute: out of the party at Avalon, the lovebirds kissed before he had to head to airport quickly (Maroon 5 played on June 30 and then on July1st at Ravinia Festival, so he had to leave Anne in Los Angeles just as The Voice party endedand see their kiss, they most definitely hated to be parted that quickly!)

They really are cute as a couple (and the fact Anne is part of the family speaks volumes… did you notice her aside Adam’s mum on the final? Bonding necessities before a big step maybe?).

She has to be really embraced by his circle to be that person in his life, (we just need to see her along when Adam and Jake G. hang out together, but that always happens when she is not in town... Even though Anne seems more a type for Kung-Fu Panda than not Hangover 2 ?) because we all know Adam isn’t the easiest person to be with, for how charming and sweet he might be.

Adam is a special man, sure… but he has special needs, and special prerogatives, which he has opened up really widely as of late.

This is the ADHD infomercial Adam has been involved with as spokeperson to an ADD ADHD Association for Adults to acknowledge their ADD/ADHD sympthomes.

He looks really adorable when that vulnerable? We think he does.

And ADHD is a serious problem that can and must be fronted and confronted with the apt therapies so if you are in need of more infos, just read these links and rely to your therapist.

Adam Levine and his ADHD campaign for 2011

So yes, Adam has ADHD still.

It makes him more special to us… but we suppose it isn’t easy to be close to him when he can be that volatile in mood.

If Anne stays and they seem always so connected and loved up, and everyone in his clan truly seems have fallen for her too, then this couple just might be THE thing.

We start to believe she is gonna be Mrs. Levine soon, and to our surprise (we, Serena and Margherita, yes, we used to be very upset/jealous of her, thinking she was just “another model” in his strike of beauties aside) we are now all up for it.

She’s beautiful, but there’s more than it to her it seems clearer and clearer as time goes by.

We have to try to recap now a bit better, and why not start just with the start of June, when Adam and Anne reunited for a special event in Venice after WEEKS of separation, due to Maroon5 Asian ad Australian tour.

Anne flew in from Paris (where she has shot something we will see in September), and well excited about reuniting with her man (as she should have been).

Loved up.

And yes, they are so beautiful as a couple… or “Gorgeouso” as Adam would say.

Maroon 5 were in Venice at the start of the month of June (and the weekend after in Moscow) to share part of the entertainment provided by Dasha Zukhova (socialite, billionaire on her own, Los Angeles based, fashion icon, partner of Roman Abramovich, jewish… “kind of friend” with Adam, type of mentor) first at the Biennale of Venezia for the Russian Pavilion and then in Moscow for the celebratory days of National Pride Day in Moscow.

We guess the Levine/Russia connection by now has rocketed to the moon.

And we do find that cute, too.

When Adam and Anne flew back to Los Angeles post Venice, they went grocery shopping together.

Like a really normal living couple.

June 4th 2011. Adam Levine, Anne Vyalitsyna and friends.

They went riding on bikes with friends (Milo DeCruz, for instance) as you can see from this up there collage, and then at night they went all to Brass Monkey where Adam serenaded his ladylove and all lucky attendees (Let’s Get it On…we would have?).

It must feel cool for Anne to have him singing his heart out for her in front at everyone’s face, anytime they have a night out.

Anne had her things to do the days when Adam was again up and running into The Voice schedule, which included very early mornings set up interviews:

Click over to play the video, thank you.

He could be more charitable towards poor press for him… and learn a tidbit by his lady, maybe (we are kidding).

Anne in fact, given that Adam had to be so taken with all The Voice process, took a couple of days off Los Angeles to enjoy North Cali and the wine roads near San Francisco, after a last meal together at Silverlake Café.

She had a great time… and she seems really getting used to the Cali style.

Happy couple in Venice June 2011

FOTO for Dasha Zhukova Garage Center for Contemporary Culture Project in Venice (we still haven’t decent pics out from the Moscow event of the same group instead… sorry! Maroon 5 love to live the fast life and lately their connection with Russia have grown up SO much! Do Anne and Dasha speak Russian when together?).

Anne lately went holidaying in her mother Land for a couple of weeks in August; (not before having a wonderful and romantic dinner out in New York with her beau) we had to imagine the days when the band will be there this Winter… oh, wait… we are actually attending the Moscow and Saint Petersburg gigs, so we could see with our own eyes!)

Maroon 5 and Anne for Dasha Zhukova Contemporary Culture Project in Venice, June 2011

For the Moscow “blitz” Maroon 5 brought on the private jet ride a bunch of the crew of longtime friends, which shared also the Las Vegas time along the July 08 date. Refreshing to know they still in contact so close with the people who have grown up with them.

Adam Levine at Tonight Show with Leno 13 June 2011:

Adam on Leno 13 June 2011

The footage of baby Adam mimic singing was hilarious.

Maroon 5 in San Francisco for an event organized for charity from one of the hugest American Companies, and Adam at Scooter Brown (Justin Bieber’s manager…) bday Bash, which he attended straight after coming back from San Francisco (does he ever sleep?):

Let’s try not to hate too much on the Justin Bieber’s connections… it may be hard for some of us, we know: fact is, Adam seems to genuinely like the guy, whom he praised in various bits of interviews (see the one with Piers Morgan in our storage page, for instance) and from the long-time friendship with his manager Scooter, we sense some collaboration coming…

Justin Bieber as many knows was a very ACTIVE supporter of The Voice and Adam, and he twittered multiple times about this support (and with his following, that must have meant something).

The Voice semifinals reharsal and show (and some surprises with Gym Class Heroes):

Maroon 5 at Dicks Open of Gold 24 June 2011 (while on the other side of the Coast, Adam and Jesse visited French Woods, the summer camp where they both attended as kids, which made them music lovers):

The Voice Finale which was full of surprises and emotions:

Post Party at Avalon: Adam Levine and Anne v arrivals:

Adam and Anne before partying ways on July 5 in Los Feliz Cafe’ (he due to start the tour, and she traveling for her fashion duties), after they had a bye bye party at Adam’s house that involved also Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert:

By the way, if you ever wonder… this is Adam’s house in the Hollywood Hills:

Adam Levine's House on the Hollywood Hills

Fancy, isn’t it?

He likes to guests house parties there, so follow this series of advices about how to throw a great BBQ in your backside yard (click on the first image… there are 5 more pages!):

Click to read what Adam advices you to do!

The food thing was not only and Adam thing; read here what Anne has to say about her (and his) cooking skills and also be sure whose idea was about her wearing male knickers in Never Gonna Leave This Bed video!:

Anne V and men who can cook

Moves Like Jagger making of:  (at the moment the REMIX version with up and coming young rapper sensation Mac Miller is just about to drop, it will on October 4th and you can hear it HERE):

We think somebody should either be blind or with frozen blood to not get hot at the sight of shirtless Adam Levine… and this no matter your status, gender, sexual orientation.

He’s just… hot.

Completely, utterly, overall HOT.

And no way we could ever complain about Adam’s nudity, just like Blake Shelton never would.

Talking about sexual orientation, one of the best things to come out during Summer was the amazing cover feature of Adam for gay bible “OUT” Magazine, where he outed his brother Michael, revealing his younger sibling is actually gay (not like we didn’t imagine it…):

Adam Levine in OUT magazine september 2011 (He's not gay. His brother is)

It’s clear Adam has always been an advocate for gay rights, and of course he is since he lived with his sibling being gay all his life; but not many famous people fight for real for gay rights as he constantly does, vocally.

Good job Adam: props to you!

Maroon 5 are always up for good causes: here for instance see Mickey pledge for Somalia Food crisis (follow his advice!).

As well as they keep being Green and Environmentalists, and so their tour is still in collaboration with Reverb and the Green group.

Then they can along Train gift away for charity and entire gig night, for helping those in need.

Or like when they went to John Hopkins Hospital to spend time with Children affected by cancer (heartbreaking, indeed).

More good things about Maroon 5.

During the Tour they had also private party plays at Las Vegas Palms, (for a lingerie launch, mind them!) and then a very special private Party at Stubbs in Austin, something huge and someway “big” as Americans like those stuff.

Closing places and entertain hundreds of guests with a chart topping band ain’t shallow is it?

Maroon 5 American Tour Pictures, post Ravinia (see review here) (July/September 2011), when in white, know it was a Friday Night gig:

Maroon 5 in Summer Tour 2011 (USA&Canada)

Maroon 5 tour for Summer 2011 alongside Train, as co-headliners, and Gavin DeGraw+ Matt Nathanson has been probably the most successful of their career yet (carried by the hype of a renewed chart love, surely).

It started with the Hollywood Bowl selling out, a dream came true for the guys and all of their enthusiastic entourage, which encompassed of course girlfriends and mums and families and friends.

So much love… and again the amazing Stevie Nicks to duet with!.

Top stuff.

Then the best t-shirt ever (yes… it goes with the one in Moves Like Jagger Video, now we know!)

And a long winding road which we believe had its fun moments… freaky funny moments, yes.

There are some ways to kill time on the road in between shows, and this was one of those:

Beside a canceled show in Saint Louis due to a sizzling storm, the rest of natural events couldn’t stop the overpowering band this year. No earthquakes, no wind, no rain, no waves.

Just very good music, and supporters.

Lots of tv shows and appearances boosted both the tour and the chart performance of Moves Like Jagger… and nobody could be happier than Anne V about this success and satisfaction (beside the guys themselves probably); and as always, for every good word Anne spends over Adam, Adam answers back with equal loveliness about her “”she’s still the most wonderful part of my life”, he says in this interview.

Then whenever they were together on Tour, they kept being so openly loved up it was hard not to feel their mutual belonging.

Too bad Amy Winehouse died in the time of the tour: Adam and the guys expressed profound pain and regret over that.

Anne in the main time managed to rock a number of fashion campaigns like the one for True Religion for instance, looking always hot.

Anne featured in Vogue Magazine spread

The girl is pretty much flawless and in this she’s a perfect pairing with Adam.

A very surprising element that added in as the tour progressed was the fact Adam Levine finally FELL FOR GOLFING.

So hard that any free day he had on tour was spent over American Towns practicing his par.

Head to toe fell in for the game, which he and Anne are now an ensemble freaking onto, and all Adam’s entourage decided to celebrate about.

Anne introduced Adam also to her friend and wife of one of the finest (the finest) golf teachers of all time; let’s just say he coached Tiger Woods into perfection (and, to prove he’s a good soul, he left him as soon as he revealed himself as a cheating douchebag), namely Hank Haney.

Hank states that Adam has a natural ability, because he has extraordinary athletic fittings (oh… we always guessed that!), and that will help him overcome the natural first struggles with meeting such a complicated sport (and at the start, he really faced a hard time…).

Adam is confident he can actually become good at golfing, in fact.

Every step Adam takes, Anne does along, but naturally, like it’s because she has the same likes he has (like when she had dinner in NY with Blake and Miranda, and wrote this on twitter, to tease her man who was touring on the other side, which she accomplished to make envious).

Anyway there was also basketball still and PING PONG on the tour sporty table… our guys aren’t boring.

Another lovely thing Adam did in summer was the interview with Piers Morgan (check our storage page and find the interview, because it’s really great). He stated there various things, included something we already imagined, that he wants to be a dad but he isn’t sure about marriage (in the interview, he actually says he will think about it… we suppose if things with Anne keeps progressing this way).

But it’s not always just Adam who speaks: check James have his adequate chunk of interviews here for Spike Magazine for instance, or this other one where he recalls times before Maroon 5 success.

Maroon 5 at Snapple “Tea Will Be Loved” launch, with their mojo of coolness, (click here for more on that launch), and  Anne V at New York Fashion Week September 2011, Maroon 5 at NFL kickoff game concert (September 2011):

September 2011: Maroon 5 at Snapple & NFL Season launches, Anne V at New York SS Fashion week

When the tour ended a few days ago, everyone was sad and felt something great had happened.

Other things we learnt this Summer were that Adam still has a style on his own, and that both Adam and Anne feel like they both have two dogs, as they share right now Frankie and Chovy (see tweets of them both, and the image of the two cutesy dogs in Anne’s NY house billboard that she showed in Glamour Magazine (current issue, October 2011: you can notice pictures of her and Adam in various places, included their holiday at the start of the year in Jamaica, that he tipped as “life-changing experience”):

Anne V takes us in her New York pad... and talks about Adam, too

After Rio concert which Maroon 5 had to fill in up after JayZ canceled his participation (and some holidays, though Maroon 5 are actually starting recording NEW ALBUM! They told before the new album was going to be made quickly this time) Adam will start to tape the first part of the Voice Season 2 (end of October is the taping starting, while the Premiere will be in February 2012, right after the most coveted TV spot in the whole tv year, the SuperBowl!).

He will also find time for completing his tutoring of Javier Colon, as he keeps being always so close to the man whom he led winning the Voice 1 (and a recording contract).

It won’t be the only television project the singer and NBC will share in the forthcoming times, because Adam will develop and executive produce also a COMEDY for the peacock Tv:

Adam Levine bound with NBC for comedy series

One tv he won’t be attending for any live event any soon is gonna be MTV, after the tirade he had towards VMA this year (he says all true things, but sometimes he should think better of consequences of his rants…)

So he basically has become someone he used to find boring… as he said himself, Adam’s now a tv executive producer who likes golf… and still has a decent auto-ironic attitude, we add (and a sweet half who’s on his same exact path of likes, and always ready to be at his side in the most enamored way).

But he still so cute and Maroon 5 are still so good at doing music it’s good for us to follow them:

We are sure they’re on the verge of even a greater success, after the impromptu new relevancy gained after The Voice.

James instead will lend a hand to those in need by running the LA Marathon, and while he’s at it he will keep shaking things up along JJAMZ who have just started to tour for real.

We’re thrilled about it all, and we can forgive the band if they canceled Padova gig to be on The Italian Version of XFactor (maybe we’re cool with it because we have tickets for Rome and Milano already)..

(PS: Thank you Zaira for letting us see the magazines, and for buying us also Antidote Magazine!).

See you hopefully soon (enough) again.

Margherita & Serena


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